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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

So you have made the big decision to reserve your kitten, here are some things you need to know:

We strictly enforce the non breeding condition/clause (SPAY / NEUTER)

REMEMBER the 3 day guarantee (vet visit) after kitten comes home, to have everything checked out. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!


Provide this to your Vet.  This is what we give -- we will provide a shot record

If you remember anything -- remember this:

Kitten is a FRAGILE baby. Please enforce rest periods of a couple hours REST for every hour out and about.  Watch the litter box to monitor eating & drinking,  Have kibble, bed, quiet area, and litter box while she is recuperating   We think the pop up pens are great -  a good tool for introducing to other pets slowly.

Have ready Royal Canin food.  We provide enough for a few days. Even if you feel strongly about another brand, transition later when kitten is settled.

DO NOT allow vet to give multiple shots/wormings/etc... at the same time (for instance Rabies with the Rhino-Calci-Pan).  Allow one stress at a time, and not overwhelm their delicate immune systems.

I always have a few things on hand.  Kitten (KMR) milk to encourage a kitten who is not drinking enough, canned food to tempt a loss of appetite,  Probiotics for loose stools (Advita for cats, from Amazon).  Nail clippers.  Clawing station 


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